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MHD Route to Market Traceability System

MHD RTM Traceability System

⊕ Techsun provides MHD with Anti-counterfeiting tracing and information management system of the whole process, which is mainly used for 23 varieties, such as XO, VSOP, JW BL, and so on.

⊕ With Techusn 3D eCloud film and taking RFID and QR code as information carrier, MHD RTM traceability system, through item labeling to data association of bottles, boxes and pallets, realizes the information traceability management of the whole process, from production, warehouse, distributors to bottle collection in outlets, with the real-time data uploading, which is more timely and efficient.

⊕ On the basis of achieving the goals of instant verification, real-time data transmission, convenient management of store sales and high efficiency of bottle collection, the system effectively prevents fake products in the market and greatly improves its management efficiency.

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